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BSV Tyre Recycling Australia Pty Ltd has been operating since in 2013 in Sydney’s Revesby, NSW.

We are an Australian tyre recycling business helping to reduce the environmental impact of waste tyres. We believe that reusing and recycling second-hand and end-of-life tyres is the environmentally friendly thing to do: dumped tyres are a potential environmental disaster. They:

  • help spread disease: health experts have identified discarded end-of-life tyres as a major factor in the spread of Ross River virus, Dengue fever and other diseases — they collect water and act as breeding grounds for mosquitoes
  • are a fire hazard: tyres burn and tyre fires are almost impossible to put out. Burning tires produce toxic chemicals that are dangerous for people, plants, animals and the environment
  • are toxic: tyres that aren’t recycled leach heavy metals and poisons into the soil and groundwater.

BSV Tyre Recycling Australia Pty Ltd have a proud reputation for providing high-quality rubber crumbs and granules for a wide range of purposes. We can provide high-quality products that best suit your needs and manufacturing process, at affordable prices. You’ll find we perform to budget, meet timelines and keep in touch about your needs. We value our reputation and our relationship with clients: satisfied clients are how we grow the business.

We look forward to you considering BSV Tyre Recycling Australia Pty Ltd as your preferred supplier of rubber crumbs.

Contact us if you want a collection or drop-off, or would like to find out more about how we can provide rubber crumbs to meet your needs, simply call or email us to get the conversation started. Our details are on our Contact page.


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EPA license number 20387
Tyre Stewardship Accreditation (TSA) number 2019039


Pollution Incident Response Management Plan