About us

If you currently have used or unwanted tyres that you no longer need, give BSV Tyre Recycle a call today. As specialist tyre recyclers in Sydney, we collect and recycle used and end-of-life car and truck tyres to stop them from going to waste and landfill. We also bail suitable tyres for export, as dumped tyres are a potential environmental disaster.

With virgin rubber becoming harder to obtain and increasingly costly, recycling tyres and other rubber products results in greater energy efficiency, less greenhouse emissions and is environmentally friendly. As a socially responsible company, we are passionate about reducing the negative impact of waste tyres into the atmosphere.

Why Choose BSV Tyre Recycling?

  • Commited towards reducing the environmental impact of tyre waste
  • BSV Tyre Recycling is a TSA accredited company
  • Advanced recycling processes that ensure efficient and effective tyre recycling
  • Making positive environmental contributions and promote sustainable practices
  • Passionate about creating a greener future
  • Responsible handling and recycling of used tyres