Tyres saved from landfill Tyres saved from landfill

We specialise in delivering rubber crumb to

Bringing the life back to dead tyres

Bringing the life back to dead tyres


We conduct regular cleaning and lab testing of our rubber to ensure all BSV products are non-toxic and safe to use.

Less landfill

Our products are repurposed from used rubber tyres, saving thousands of from ending up in landfill sites every year.

Second life

We turn tyres into quality surface materials which can be reused in agriculture, flooring, artificial turf, gym flooring and more.

Many uses

Our unique process means tyres can be used for a wide range of new purposes from playground surfaces to adhesives.

future proof

Future proof

By recycling old tyres to make rubber crumb, we create a positive impact on the environment, the economy and society going forward.

Quality product

We have the staff and equipment to supply fresh rubber crumb of the highest quality within a fast and convenient turnaround time.

At BSV Tyre Recycle, you can expect high-quality products to best suit your needs and manufacturing processes at affordable prices.

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