Winter is here. Time to get those old tyres off the slippery road

Winter is in full swing and with it comes more treacherous conditions on the roads. Anything from sleet to rain to hail can put your tyres out of whack and make driving a lot more dangerous.

Beyond this, we often fall guilty of forgetting to change or check our tyre rubbers regularly. Especially when these more risky driving conditions roll around. In fact, it’s recommended to check them yearly if they are five years or older. It’s also recommended to change them immediately if you find them bordering on the 10-year mark.

Understanding the difference between the seasons

Did you know that there are actually tyres specifically designed for winter and summer? At the beginning of each of these periods, your best bet to ensure safety is to change your wheels over to those designed to handle the current road conditions at the time.

During winter, accidents are more prevalent and typically occur due to deteriorating road conditions overall. All-season tyres, although practical, actually don’t perform as well under these circumstances as their seasonal counterparts. So, why trust an inferior product when you could have the right one suited to your needs?

Rain brings with it slick roads that are easily skidded along. To make matters worse, it takes three times longer to brake on wet roads than to do so on dry roads. The reason is that the water on the surface creates a layer between the road and your tyres, ultimately crafting a scene for chaos. This can also cause hydroplaning – a term that describes the action of your tyres gliding across that watery barrier created by wet roads. To avoid all this, ensure your vehicle is firmly equipped with good tread and properly inflated tyres that are in accordance with your vehicle guidelines.

Similar dangers can be present on roads that have been exposed to frost or sleet. Icy surfaces are slick and mean you often can’t see the threat until you are right on top of it. A change in the right tread will make all the difference here.

Where we come in

BSV Tyre Recycling can organise the disposal of your old tyres when you are preparing for the colder months ahead. Get your tyres checked by a professional – like ours – and ensure they are properly rotated, inflated and ready to do.

We’ll also collect unwanted or end-of-life varieties to create them into something useful, rather than contributing to overflowing local landfills.

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