Taking scrap tyres from landfill Taking scrap tyres from landfill

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BSV Tyre Recycle is a leading tyre disposal company in Sydney that regularly collects used, scrap and end-of-life tyres from Sydney and other surrounding suburbs. We use our own trucks and drivers and collect from manufacturers, retailers, workshops and council transfer stations that want their tyres and rubber disposed of. We are fully licenced under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 that allows us to transport, store and recover waste tyres. When you deal with BSV, you can rest assured your rubber tyres are being disposed of responsibly and in an environmentally friendly manner.

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At BSV Tyre Recycle, our experienced staff will inspect and test the tyres we receive to ensure they’re in reasonably good condition and can be re-used for other purposes. We value your business and aim to ensure that you’re satisfied with the service outcome everytime. Whether you’re a commercial manufacturer or someone interested in selling off a few spare tyres, we’re happy to visit your commercial site or workplace to collect the scrap tyres at a reasonable price. We offer convenient pick – up service for commercial industry or work shop.

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As specialist tyre recyclers in Sydney, our mission is to collect and recycle used car and truck tyres and prevent them from going to waste and landfill. With so much rubbish being dumped into the environment, we pride ourselves on our capability to deliver a service that is harmonious with nature, socially responsible and promotes the reduction of greenhouse emissions on a daily basis. Australia is a major exporter of second-hand tyres to Asia, India, Africa and the Americas. Tyres are also used in other countries as an alternative energy source. If you’re after good old-fashioned service, efficient turnaround times and affordability, BSV Tyre Recycle is the preferred choice.

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