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30 mesh rubber crumb

Looking to purchase tyre rubber crumbs in Sydney? BSV Tyre Recycling Australia is the company of choice for your rubber crumb needs. With so many different uses, we supply a range of businesses that require quality rubber to develop running tracks and playgrounds, brake pads for the automotive industry, insulation products, road and drain construction, non-slip floor mats, landscape mulch, carpet underlays and much more. There’s no shortage with what you can do with crumbed rubber. Our manufacturing process involves sorting then shredding the tyres to get adequate separation. We then remove the steel by passing the shredded tyres over magnets and separate other synthetic pieces. Our stringent manufacturing process gives us the edge in the marketplace, enabling us to deliver high quality rubber crumb products both for local and international businesses.

30 grade rubber mesh


We aren't hiding anything, see all of our recent test results, and more to come.

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Rubber crumb for explosives


BSV Quality

At BSV, we ensure our tyre crumb is of a high-quality grade by regularly testing our performance and products, and then applying improvements to uphold the freshness and the standard you expect.

With explosives, there is a list of specific criteria and legislation that must be adhered to. Adding a high-quality ingredient like BSV rubber crumb will ensure your explosives are compliant while being more effective and efficient.

We value our customers’ trust and dedication to improving the state of our environment, and we never fail to go the extra mile to providing excellent customer service.

1 week turnaround

Ensuring you get the highest standard of tyre crumb in the quickest time possible, BSV leverages our expert team and state of the art equipment to provide excellent turnaround times on all jobs and orders.

With stringent legislation and laws in place around the storing and handling of explosives, you can trust us to provide premium and fresh rubber crumb as ingredients for your explosives.

With your given timeframe, budget and specifications, you can rest assured that BSV will deliver you the best results every time. On-time.

A Bigger Bang

With rubber as a substitute to diesel, you’ll get a more powerful explosion that is cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.


The rubber crumb ingredient makes handling and transporting explosives easier compared to traditional explosives.

giving rubber a second life


Instead of letting tyres become a wasteful source of toxic gases, they can be easily repurposed to improve the efficacy of explosives products.


With the absence of ammonium nitrate fuel, rubber explosives are waterproof, safer and more environmentally friendly.

fresh rubber crumb

Fast delivery

We have the capabilities to produce rubber crumb to meet your needs within a week.


Explosive manufacturers have strict quality control and safety standards. To meet these specifications, BSV ensures the quality and purity of the mesh rubber.

The Process


First, we collect commercial or industrial tyres. Our experienced team will inspect and test the tyres to ensure they are in good condition to be repurposed.


After balding and cleaning, the tyres go through a machine that will turn them into either fine or coarse crumb – whichever best suits your need.


After you make the order, we ship your finished product to the location you need within your required timeframes.

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