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Commercial Tyre Recycling

With an influx of commercial tyres being used for various industries, it makes sense to have a reliable company to turn to for sustainable recycling. At BSV Tyres, we offer industrial tyre recycling for a wide range of commercial vehicles including buses, trucks, tractors, construction and agricultural machines. We can even handle a large fleet of vehicles and dispose your old tyres responsibly. When your industrial tyres have reached the end of their life span, you can rely on BSV Tyres to provide more efficient ways for recycling - giving you peace of mind that you’re doing something good for the environment. Waste tyres are considered a valuable resource that can be re-used for multiple things such as road bitumen; fuel sources, landscaping solutions, playgrounds, footpaths and much more.


Whether you have one or several hundred unwanted tyres that you no longer need, BSV Tyres can get it off your hands and put your old tyres to good use.  As specialist tyre recyclers in Sydney, we collect and recycle used and end-of-life car and truck tyres to stop them from going to waste and landfill, essentially saving them from becoming a potential environmental disaster in the long term.

Industrial Tyre Recycling


BSV Tyres is a leading tyre recycling service that is passionate about protecting the environment and providing safe alternatives for a range of commercial and industrial projects.


At BSV Tyres, we hare more than happy to accept old industrial tyres ranging from trucks, buses, and agricultural equipment; as well as construction machinery. Nothing is turned away. If you can’t make it to our premises in Reveby, NSW, contact our friendly staff to arrange a collection at a location that suits your needs. Our experienced staff will inspect and test the tyres we receive to ensure they’re in reasonably good condition and can be re-used for other purposes. We offer a convenient drop-off service for the general public, industry and trade. 


BSV Tyres can help with your industrial and commercial tyre recycling needs in NSW. Get the conversation started by contacting us on 0413 561 345 and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.