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Top uses for tyre rubber crumbs


Millions of rubber tyres are thrown away every year, stockpiled in landfill worldwide where they pose a growing ecological problem – but tyre rubber crumbs are one clever solution that's turning tyre recycling into a wide range of useful products.


To make ‘crumb rubber’, tyres are shredded into tiny pieces that can be used in the industrial, sports, recreation, decorative and urban areas while reducing pollution and waste. During the tyre recycling process, all steel and tire cord (fluff) is removed, creating a granular consistency that can be cut further into different sized grains for different purposes.


Here are just a few of the endless practical applications of this eco-friendly product:


  • On the road. Crumb rubber is now an excellent solution for paving streets that are less likely to develop potholes and cracks. The elastomeric compounds in crumb rubber are more comfortable to drive on that traditional asphalt and cause less damage to cars as well.
  • On tracks. Using crumb rubber for railway structures is a low-cost alternative that's easier to maintain and reduced vibrations and noise caused by trains in built-up urban areas.
  • For artificial turf. Football fields are getting the crumb rubber treatment to reduce the impact on players’ feet, decrease the incidence of sporting injuries and allow for a smoother, more pleasant playing experience.
  • For running and cycling tracks. Paving athletics tracks with crumb rubber in a specific granulated size that meets official regulations can allow greater comfort and easier travel while reducing the impact of falls. Bicycles experience a smoother ride on these new elastomeric tracks, too.
  • To help reduce car speeds. Speed humps manufactured from crumb rubber and painted in a highly visible yellow, non-slip material can help increase safety zones near schools, in residential areas and parking lots. The rubber creates greater friction when coming into contact with a car’s rubber tyres.
  • For animal safety. Cushioned pavers that mix crumb rubber, resin and dye are the perfect solutions for stable floors, farms and vet practices, reducing damage to hoofed animals caused by less giving floor materials. The pavers look fantastic and bear up well in high temperatures; they're also easier to clean, mould and scratch resistant.
  • In the home or office. Add a touch of eco-friendly style with crumb rubber floor slabs mixed with resins and dyes to create a wide array of shapes, colours and textures. Non-slip and damage resistant, they can be used in both interior and exterior spaces and come with the added benefits of a more cushioned walking experience and protection from falls.
  • In the garden. Great for gardens, patios and public spaces, highly decorative crumb rubber mulch is resistant to fungi and weeds. It also reduces potential damage due to falls.
  • For other child-friendly spaces. Crumb rubber pavers are being used to create endless figures and designs in kids spaces like playgrounds and kindergartens. They can be moulded into any shape, offering kids a chance to let their imagination run wild – plus they're anti-slip and able to cushion falls.


There’s a hundred and one uses for crumb rubber – find out how you can use it in your next residential or commercial project today.