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Don't be a hero. Old car tyres should be disposed of accordingly, not for burnouts

Once a year, revheads from across the country descend on Canberra for the annual Summernats event. It’s a great opportunity for enthusiasts to partake in and watch legal burnouts in a...

Innovative uses for recycled tyes

Gone are the days of discarding tyres once they have served their purpose for your vehicle. Besides being a waste of valuable resources, incorrect tyre disposal is also harmful to the environment....

Why you shouldn’t burn old tyres!

The world’s longest burning tyre fire smouldered in a Welsh valley for fifteen years before it was finally put out in 2004.   The worst industrial fire you’ve never heard of, it was...

Top uses for tyre rubber crumbs

Millions of rubber tyres are thrown away every year, stockpiled in landfill worldwide where they pose a growing ecological problem – but tyre rubber crumbs are one clever solution that's...

Why you should always try to recycle your old tyres.

Everyone likes a shiny new car, but did you ever stop to think about old tyre disposal and its impact on our environment? With the number of cars growing globally, hundreds of millions of tyres are...