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30 mesh rubber crumb

Looking to purchase tyre rubber crumbs in Sydney? BSV Tyre Recycling Australia is the company of choice for your rubber crumb needs. With so many different uses, we supply a range of businesses that require quality rubber to develop running tracks and playgrounds, brake pads for the automotive industry, insulation products, road and drain construction, non-slip floor mats, landscape mulch, carpet underlays and much more. There’s no shortage with what you can do with crumbed rubber. Our manufacturing process involves sorting then shredding the tyres to get adequate separation. We then remove the steel by passing the shredded tyres over magnets and separate other synthetic pieces. Our stringent manufacturing process gives us the edge in the marketplace, enabling us to deliver high quality rubber crumb products both for local and international businesses.

30 grade rubber mesh

Aus made

BSV products are all locally sourced, produced and used, boosting the local economy and community while improving local roads.

taking rubber out of landfill

Less landfill

Go full-cycle. Disposed tyres used on the road can now be recycled to become part of the road.

giving rubber a second life

Second life

By collecting and repurposing tyres, the rubber can be used to produce bitumen that offers great lasting results and save on costly repairs

Many uses

Bitumen made with rubber mesh can be used in pavements for car parks, industrial areas, sporting facilities and so much more.

Quality rubber

Our processes allow you to receive your rubber crumb in a fresh condition suited to make quality road and surfaces.

fresh rubber crumb

Fast Delivery

In as little as one week, we can supply you with a quality product ready for you to use.


Our Values

At BSV Tyre Recyclers, we work today for a better tomorrow.

By recycling used tyres to make rubber crumb, we encourage a Circular Economy by reducing the cost and risks of producing raw rubber materials and instead, using disposed tyres to create useful materials. Producing bitumen with recycled rubber is not only cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly but also contributes to a better economic future.

This process is valuable, sustainable and paving the way for the future development and implementation of innovative technologies while reducing our environmental impact. At BSV, we strive to achieve this goal every day, ensuring we produce excellent quality tyre crumb for every client.


Our Vision

At BSV, we put our customers and the environment first in everything we do. This is why we focus on:

  • Our ability to manage heavy demands and orders
  • Speedy, yet thorough processes and turnaround times
  • Transparency with displayed lab reports on products
  • The freshness and quality of materials produced
  • Lowering the impact on the environment

As our customers, we value your partnership and business. When working with BSV Tyre Recyclers, you know you’ll receive only the highest grade of tyre crumb for all of your bitumen products.

Road bitumen rubber crumb supplies


BSV Quality

Though our materials are sourced from waste tyres, our finished products are of the highest quality. Producing bitumen with recycled rubber is not only cost-efficient and environmentally friendly but also plays a role in the improvement of the community’s roads, pavement, walkways and driveways.

To ensure your streets are paving the way to economic development, they should be constructed with premium rubber products that go into your bitumen and asphalt. You can depend on BSV to provide you with the high-quality tyre crumb.

1 week turnaround

Ensuring your bitumen and asphalt is durable and will go the distance, BSV provides you with fresh rubber tyre crumb that strengthens your roads, surfaces and flooring.

With a 1-week turnaround time for orders, freshness is guaranteed. This way, you can rest assured that everything is processed in the allocated time when you place your order.

The Process

collection of tyres


First, we collect commercial or industrial tyres. Our experienced team will inspect and test the tyres to ensure they are in good condition to be repurposed.


After balding and cleaning, the tyres go through a machine that will turn them into either fine or coarse crumb – whichever best suits your need.


After you make the order, we ship your finished product to the location you need within your required timeframes.

Get a sample

order sample rubber crumbs

Don't believe us or the lab on how good this stuff is? Get a free sample so you can make up some product and see how much better the BSV option is.

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    We aren't hiding anything, see all of our recent test results, and more to come.

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    They are reliable people and come in 2s to pick up my scrap tyres.

    Jack Wu

    Carlink tyres

    Very friendly professional staff. Excellent service.

    Hossein Zounubi

    Super fast and reliable scrap tyre pick up service.

    Ryan Wallace

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