Do You Know These Common Rubber Products?

Do you ever wonder what the daily items are made of? You will be surprised to know that rubber has been recycled into everyday products that you know and love.

But where does Rubber come from? The sap of tropical trees of course! However, it wasn’t always so abundantly present in objects. In the 1830s, rubber products were becoming obsolete because of the unstable structure of the rubber. But then Charles Goodyear came up with a process of vulcanization that transformed the unsteady rubber into a far more sturdy and reliable component.

Vulcanization is the process in which natural latex is heated at high temperatures then mixed with acid to form a more consolidated form of rubber. Prior to vulcanization, rubber would lose its texture with the passing season. In the summer, it would turn into a gooey mass, while in the winter, it would become a solid, unbreakable mass.

Fast forward to 2020; now, the rubber is omnipresent in things we use every day. From a pencil to a car, you can find rubber almost everywhere if you look for it.

To help you spot rubber products around yourself, we decided to put a list of items that are made from rubber, but you never realized it.

Here are three surprising things that are made of rubber.

Rubber Product: Mattresses

Yes, it’s true! Mattresses are partly made of rubber. Although mattresses are primarily made of sponge, they do contain a substantial amount of rubber, which provides them with structural stability and traction.

Furthermore, your pillows and cushions also come with a considerable amount of rubber in them.

Rubber Products: Rain boots and Coats

Your boots and raincoats are made with materials that repel water. And that is why they are typically made of one or more materials combined. Usually, the two materials used in making raincoats and boots are chosen from cotton, polyester, nylon, or rayon. However, one component that’s present every time is, you guessed it, RUBBER!

Your boots and raincoats are indeed made of rubber, although you may not recognize it.

Rubber Products: Life Jackets and Floaties

Since rubber is water-resistant, it is not damaged by water under any circumstances. Furthermore, it’s highly elastic. Therefore, the rubber makes excellent floaties and life jackets. In addition, it is also used in making many swim toys and swim lounge rafts that people love to play within the summer season.

If it weren’t for rubber, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our time in and with water on hot summer days.

From gardening tools and kitchen utensils to grooming items, rubber is found in everything! Its high heat and water resistance and pliability combined with easy affordability make rubber an excellent material choice to use in all kinds of objects.

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