Rubber crumb supplies nationally Rubber crumb supplies nationally


Our Values

We cannot predict the future, but we can always act now to do our part to make it better.

At BSV, we aim to contribute to building a safe and brighter future by reducing the environmental impact of waste tyres.

Our Zero-to-Landfill goal is backed by the belief that we all need to use the Earth’s limited resources in a smarter way. Aiming for a 'Circular Economy', we help by supplying different industries and businesses with quality surface materials made from recycled tyres.

Our objective is to fulfil the needs of a whole range of markets with our quality tyre crumb products. In doing this, we ensure our processes and operations are sustainable and aimed towards achieving the best results. By reducing the use of virgin materials and taking advantage of the potentials of waste to create something valuable, we can work hard today to create a better tomorrow. 


Our Vision

Our values revolve around making our clients happy and our environment healthier.

At BSV, we only offer quality products that are developed with innovative technology and processes that perfectly suit our customers’ needs while helping to reduce our environmental impact.

We genuinely care for our clients, which is why we strive to provide the best experience through excellent customer service and response times. In doing this, we also improve the local economy by reducing the cost of production for materials such as rubber floorings.

By repurposing used tyres that are headed for disposal, we also reduce carbon emissions which are harmful to our health. As a result, we are paving the way to a better future and a better world for everyone.

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